Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's blooming? Florida Wildflowers!

The Florida Wildflower Foundation has added a new "What's Blooming" feature to its Web site, www.floridawildflowerfoundation.org. It's designed to show off our fantastic wildflowers, whether they're growing on roadsides, along trails and rivers, or in our yards. Look for the feature under the Photo Gallery button on the FWF site's home page. To keep up with what's blooming around the state, we'll need your help. When something catches your eye - say, a spectacular field of wildflowers by a highway or a cluster of blooms beside a trail - send an e-mail telling us what you saw and where you saw it. Better yet, snap a photo and send that along, too! We'll post reports as soon as possible to let Florida wildflower enthusiasts across the state know what you've found. And if you grow wildflowers in your yard, we've got a page for you, too! To submit a report, e-mail FWF executive director Lisa Roberts at flawildflowers@gmail.com. Depending on your sighting, put "Wildflower Roadsides," "Wildflower Yards" or "Wildflower Trails and Rivers" in the subject line. Please note that you must own the rights to any photograph you send. The submission of a photo to the Foundation authorizes the organization to post it on its Web site. The Foundation is not responsible for photos that are copied from its site and displayed elsewhere. Did you know you can help preserve Florida's wild heritage with a click of your mouse? Purchase a Florida state wildflower license plate, which supports native wildflower research, education and beautification! Go to www.FloridaWildflowerFoundation.org.

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