Monday, August 4, 2008

Walter Taylor immortalized in poem

Walter K. Taylor, a longtime member of the Florida Native Plant Society and a Florida Wildflower Foundation board member, received a tongue-in-cheek roasting at the pen of poet Denny Girard during the recent FNPS annual meeting in Palmetto. We are privileged to post the poem, which was read in "response" -- that is, with the audience reading aloud the parts in parentheses ... between laughs. Thank you, Denny, for the poem. And thank you, Walter, for providing ample ammunition for it. ------------------- "Ode to Walter" By Denny Girard Walter Taylor is a plant whiz. (there’s no doubt) And he knows a lot. (just ask him) He likes to garden. (he raises okra) The college days are over. (he’s getting old) He taught a lot of minds. (just ask them) Was he a good teacher? (just ask him) Wife Karin keeps him straight. (good job, Karin) He has written books. (very well done) His sense of humor is droll. (that means peculiar) Sweet pea is his nickname (and he likes it) We’re glad to call him friend. (all of us) Could he be called great? (just ask him) Will he comment on this poem? (you bet your life) Will he really like the attention? (he surely will) Walter Taylor is one of a kind! (there’s no doubt) And we’re all glad to know him. (Amen!)

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