Thursday, December 11, 2008

Florida Wildflower Foundation donates $100,000 for research

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dec. 11, 2008 Contact: Lisa Roberts, Florida Wildflower Foundation 407-353-6164; executivedirector@floridawildflowerfoundation.org MAITLAND – The Florida Wildflower Foundation (FWF) this week donated $100,000 to the Gary Henry Endowment for the Study of Florida Native Wildflowers at the University of Florida. The endowment, which eventually will support a full-time position at the university for native species research, was established by the Foundation in 2007. It honors FWF board member Gary Henry, who was a driving force behind the establishment of the State Wildflower license tag in 2000. The endowment is made possible by the $15 donation made with the purchase of each tag, said Foundation Chair Anne Mackay. “We have many individuals to thank for choosing the Florida State Wildflower license tag. Because of their generosity, we can pursue research that will help our Florida seed and plant growers to discover best practices in the production of Florida ecotypes.” Florida native ecotypes play a key role in the success of wildflower plantings in the state. “Because the species have adapted to Florida’s weather and soil conditions, they are easier to grow and sustain than many exotic plant species,” said Lisa Roberts, FWF executive director. The Foundation uses funds collected through the State Wildflower tag to conduct native wildflower research, education and planting projects statewide. In 2007, it granted more than $395,000 for initiatives such as wildflower demonstration gardens, roadside plantings and educational publications. For more information on the Foundation’s work, contact Lisa Roberts at 407-353-6164 or visit its Web site, www.floridawildflowerfoundation.org

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