Monday, January 12, 2009

Equinox Documentaries announces national release of "In Marjorie's Wake"

Orlando, FL — Equinox Documentaries, Inc. announces the national release of In Marjorie's Wake. On January 31, 2009, In Marjorie’s Wake will be released to PBS stations throughout the United States. The release, which will be in both Standard and High-Definition (HDTV) formats, is good for 2 years, making IMW available for broadcast across the country until 2011. In Marjorie’s Wake is a documentary recreating Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ 1933 journey down the St. John’s River, as chronicled in the “Hyacinth Drift” chapter of Rawlings’ book, Cross Creek. Equinox is most excited to now offer the HD version; the higher quality of digital broadcasting will really bring the beautiful imagery of the St. Johns River to life. The film stars Florida native Leslie Poole, a writer and professor of Environmental Studies at Rollins College and PhD student in environmental history at the University of Florida, and Jacksonville resident Jennifer Chase, a musician, playwright and educator with Florida Community College. The film was scripted and co-produced by nature writer Bill Belleville; it was directed and co-produced by PBS veteran Bob Giguere. To make sure In Marjorie’s Wake is broadcast in your area, contact your local PBS station. Tell them you want to see In Marjorie’s Wake and let them know it will be available on January 31, 2009. About Equinox Documentaries: Equinox Documentaries, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation chartered with the Florida Department of State in Tallahassee on January 31, 2001. Equinox Documentaries was created by veteran producers and writers who care deeply about our natural world — particularly Florida and the wider region in which we live. We feel the best way to protect a wild place is to forge a connection with it, and to build an ethic from that connection. It's our goal to bring viewers engaging images and thoughtful stories that inspire that connection. For more information on Equinox and its mission, and for bibliographical research info on In Marjories' Wake, please visit www.EquinoxDocumentaries.org.

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