Thursday, November 19, 2009

Florida Wildflower Foundation Request for Proposals: Curriculum Project

Deadline for submittals: 5 p.m. Dec. 11 Electronic submissions preferred Submit to: Lisa Roberts, Executive Director Florida Wildflower Foundation PO Box 941066 Maitland, FL executivedirector@floridawildflowerfoundation.org 407-353-6164 The Florida Wildflower Foundation is requesting proposals for an independent contractor to assist its education committee in achieving the Foundation’s education goals. Specifically, this contractor will research the feasibility and opportunities for the introduction or insertion of native wildflower education curriculum, with accompanying wildflower gardens, into Florida schools at elementary, middle school and/or high school levels. The proposal package should: • Introduce the contractor and provide a resume(s) or similar work history. • Provide examples of prior work in the area of curriculum research and development for public schools and/or informal education settings in Florida. • Fully describe the proposed research project along with methodology to be used, descriptions of deliverables, and a deliverables timeline. • Provide a full cost breakdown of the proposed research project (i.e., labor, travel, mileage, etc.). The successful proposal also will illustrate the applicant’s: • Superior knowledge of Florida’s unique native flora, fauna and ecosystems. • Knowledge the Florida Wildflower Foundation’s mission and vision. • Familiarity with new Sunshine State Standards. • Familiarity with the design of public school and informal education curricula in Florida. • Familiarity with the requirements of FCAT and other standardized testing in Florida. SCOPE OF SERVICES The contractor will: • Identify and evaluate the use of current (if any) native plant and wildflower curriculum at the Florida elementary, middle and high-school levels. • Identify specific academic areas in which native wildflower curriculum could be developed. • Assess school system and teacher interest in obtaining and using native wildflower curriculum, and recommend delivery forms (audiovisual, workbooks, downloads, etc.). • Identify three test markets (i.e., school districts) and establish appropriate relationships in order to achieve buy-in from district officials for pilot projects that would pair wildflower curriculum and on-site native wildflower gardens. • Communicate frequently with the Foundation’s executive director, who, under the guidance of the Foundation’s executive committee, will provide oversight of the project. • Provide written progress reports as needed. • Identify possible partnerships with businesses and other non-profit organizations. • Identify at least three possible sources of funding for the resulting curricula project(s). • Provide a detailed final report of investigation findings and recommendations. • Assist the Education Committee in forming specific recommendations to take to the Foundation’s board of directors.

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