Thursday, November 19, 2009

Florida Wildflower Foundation Request for Proposal: Web site redesign

Florida Wildflower Foundation Request for Proposal: Web site redesign Deadline for submittals: 5 p.m. Dec. 11 Submit to: flawildflowers@gmail.com Questions: Lisa Roberts, executivedirector@floridawildflowerfoundation.org; 407-353-6164 The Florida Wildflower Foundation is requesting proposals for a redesign of its Web site as the premier source of native wildflower information. Specifically, this contractor will work with the Foundation’s executive director to design a Web site that provides an attractive, logical framework for the deployment of educational information while allowing for easy growth, news postings and visitor interaction. The proposal package should: • Introduce the contractor and provide a resume(s) or similar work history. • Provide examples of prior work in Web design. • Fully describe the project along with software used, descriptions of deliverables, and a deliverables timeline. • Provide a full cost breakdown of the proposed project (i.e., labor, software, travel, etc.). The successful proposal also will illustrate the applicant’s: • Superior knowledge of Florida’s unique native flora, fauna and ecosystems. • Knowledge the Florida Wildflower Foundation’s mission, vision and strategic plan goals (all available on its present Web site, www.floridawildflowerfoundation.org). • Knowledge of cutting-edge Web-design tools and software, social media interface and search engine optimization technique. • Plan and ability to: o Assess the present Web site to determine improvements and existing usable material. o Create page templates based on the elegance and beauty of Florida’s native wildflowers, and the Foundation’s mission, vision and strategic plan. o Design a logical hierarchy of pages based on program areas. o Design and integrate forms for visitor interaction, including donations, grant applications and electronic-newsletter signup, as well as purchases of membership, goods and services. o Integrate software that measures visitor interaction and interest. o Provide written project progress reports and design examples as needed. o Train Foundation personnel and/or representatives to update the site. o Provide Webmaster services for one year after site redesign launch.

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