Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bee-a-thon - Bee there or bee square!

Here's a message from our friends at the California Native Garden Foundation. This looks like it'll be a lot of phone. Please tune in and learn about our bees and the challenges they face.  

Bee-a-ThonBEE-A-THON 2011 is the first-ever free, global online web-streaming edutainment marathon to raise awareness of honeybee/pollinator topics. Produced and hosted by YourGardenShow.com Citizen Science, in partnership with the Great Sunflower Project and the Insect News Network, we have invited experts in science, activism, naturalism, art-science fusion, and education to share their insights about the bees.  
It's an interactive 12-hour live town-hall meeting where people tune in from anywhere in the world to learn about pollinator issues and to ask questions. It's the Jerry Lewis Telethon for bees, created for the Facebook generation -- all about advocating for healthy communities and a healthy planet. You can tune in to the Bee-a-Thon from the comfort of your own home, ask questions, share the buzz --  all you need is a computer with an Internet connection.Tune in for 12 minutes or 12 hours -- it's up to you! Maybe you can throw a Backyard Honey Bee B-B-Q?

Alrie Middlebrook will be one of the featured guest experts during the event, speaking about the ELSEE Living Laboratory Project and the importance of native plant gardening to honeybee health and all the many species of pollinators. The topics covered will show CNGF.org in a very special spotlight - so tell your friends and familiies to join us online!

1 - Endorse the Bee-a-Thon by placing a bee-counting widget on your blog. The "bee-o-meter" tracks the populations of bees across the country. You can click on it to find the number of bees in your zip code. Our goal for 2011 is to have one bee counter in each of the 43,000 U.S. zip codes. Supporting blogs and organizations will have their logo, name and a link back to their site placed on the YourGardenShow.com website. To get your "bee-o-meter," visit: http://www.yourgardenshow.com/news51.  

2 - Build a "swarm of influence" by forwarding this email to your network of readers, friends, and family. Invite them to RSVP for the Bee-a-Thon here: 

3 - Host a "backyard bee party" or other "rooftop" event on July 16. Rally your friends and join Bee-a-Thon for a day of engagement and celebration. Downloads and other resources are available here: 

4 - Sign up to The Great Sunflower Project to start counting bees today:  

Visit www.yourgardenshow.com/bee-a-thon for more details and for updates on when Alrie and the rest of the speaker guests will be featured.   

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