Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Experience magic at PEAR Park during 2 photography workshops

PEAR Park: Scrub morning glory (Photos/Vince Lamb)

Imagine an expanse of restored scrub that is densely filled with native wildflowers blooming and butterflies visiting. Add a partly sunny sky with diffused light that enhances colors in photos. Envision a native plant demonstration garden that includes many unusual species, with many in bloom. Complete the vision with a forested border that includes a river trail.

Charlie Corbeil and Vince Lamb, leaders of two Florida Wildflower Symposium photography workshops on Saturday, Sept. 29, found this idyllic setting in late August at PEAR Park in Leesburg, the site to be used for the workshops.

PEAR Park: Gulf fritillary on Blazing star
For their scouting trip, Peg Urban of Lake County provided a list of more than 40 fall-blooming wildflowers found within the park (copies of the list will be distributed to workshop participants). Vince and Charlie found close to 30 species flowering during their visit.

“Finding a better place for Florida wildflower and nature photography workshops would be difficult," said Vince, an avid naturalist and nature photographer. "The diversity of wildflowers, the photogenic butterflies and the color opportunities should delight any photographer."

Photographers will find that a great selection of natural subjects are easily accessible without long hikes. In fact, dense wildflower areas in the restored scrub are within a few hundred yards of the main parking lot. Parking is also available at the demonstration garden, which offers many photo ops of its own.

PEAR Park is also the site of two symposium wildflower walks with author Dr. Walter K. Taylor, aka "Mr. Florida Wildflower," or Dr. Jeff Norcini, a well-known research scientist and wildflower expert.

The 2012 Florida Wildflower Symposium, Sept. 28 and 29, is being hosted by Lake County's inaugural Wings & Wildflowers Festival, which runs Sept. 28-30 and takes in many of the county's natural gems. Most symposium and festival activities will take place at Hickory Point Park in Tavares, and there are plenty of free presentations to choose from. Click here to see the symposium lineup and registration page, which features a link to all Wings & Wildflowers Festival activities. Or, click here to go directly to the festival lineup. 

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