Friday, May 29, 2015

Flower Friday: Grassleaf coneflower is a rare treat in the Panhandle.

Photo by Walter Taylor
Grassleaf coneflower (Rudbeckia graminifolia)
Grassleaf coneflower is a Florida endemic perennial wildflower. Its solitary blooms are distinctly different than most Florida Rudbeckia species in that they have short, brick-red ray flowers and large conelike disk flowers. Comparatively, it is a small bloom among Rudbeckias. Its leaves are small, narrow and grass-like (hence the common name).

Grassleaf coneflower typically flowers in summer and occurs naturally savannas and along moist roadsides.

Family: Asteraceae

Native range: Panhandle near and in the Apalachicola National Forest
Hardiness: Zones 8a-9a
Soil: Sand
Exposure: Full sun

Growth habit: 1-2 feet tall
Garden tips: Grassleaf coneflower can be propagated by seed, but is not generally commercially available.

To see where grassleaf coneflower occurs naturally, visit www.florida.plantatlas.usf.edu.

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