Friday, December 25, 2015

Flower Friday: Tis the season -- for nature's own holiday decorations!

While many native wildflowers are no longer in bloom during the Florida Christmas season, you'll find many of our natural areas are decorated with ornaments of seeds just in time for the holidays.

The trails at Wekiva Springs State Park are trimmed with beautiful orbs of fluffy Garberia heterophylla seeds.
Photos by Stacey Matrazzo.

Consider visiting one of Florida's many natural areas today to see how our native plants adorn themselves for the holidays.

Note: Please do not collect seed from natural areas unless you have obtained express permission from the land manager or owner. Unauthorized seed collection could inadvertently destroy a native plant colony or deplete a food source on which wildlife may depend.

If you'd like to learn more about collecting and sowing seed from your home landscape, check out our "7 Steps to Collecting and Sowing Wildflower Seed" guide.

Not into collecting seed? Check out the Florida Wildflowers Growers Cooperative to purchase your favorite wildflower seeds.

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