Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Make a match for natural Florida and double your impact doing it

Dear Friend of Florida's wildflowers,

All over Florida, roadsides are turning into stretches of wildflowers that feed our bees, butterflies and birds. This beautiful transformation is just one example of how your support is helping to change
Photo/Doreen Damm
attitudes and boost actions that protect Florida’s native wildflowers in cities and counties, and on private land.  Just look at what your contributions have helped accomplish in a few short years:

•    Thirty-three of Florida’s 67 counties have pledged to preserve naturally occurring wildflowers along roadsides.
•    150,000 copies of two 24-page “10 Easy Wildflowers” publications have been distributed throughout Florida.
•    More native milkweed is feeding Monarch caterpillars, thanks to a project that is collecting seeds and propagating plants.
•    140 pages of lessons that teach Florida’s third- and fourth-graders about our wildflowers and wild creatures are now available to teachers.

Still, there is much more to do. With your help, we can keep connecting the dots, ensuring that both children and adults throughout Florida understand the importance of our state’s wildflowers and their link to our health and well-being.
Imagine one day being able to travel anywhere in the state and see vast stretches of wildflowers blooming. Or visiting any state park or botanical garden in Florida to find an educational wildflower landscape alive with wildlife. Imagine children, the next stewards of our fragile environment, armed with knowledge about Florida’s native ecosystems, ready to make decisions that will protect and preserve them. While the Florida Wildflower Foundation is up for the challenge of creating these changes, we can’t do it without you.

One of our generous donors has pledged to match each dollar we raise for wildflowers by year’s end, up to $9,000. That means the contribution you make today will be doubled! Please consider making a tax-deductible gift of $50, $100 or even $500 to the Foundation, the only non-profit organization in Florida explicitly devoted to preserving our vital native wildflowers. 

Today make a contribution today via credit card through PayPal, visit www.FlaWildflowers.org/donate.php or call 407-622-1606. Or, mail your check to the Florida Wildflower Foundation, 225 S. Swoope Ave., Suite 110, Maitland, FL 32751.

With gratitude for your generous support of Florida wildflowers and wild places,

Lisa Roberts
Executive Director 

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